WATCH: Clumsy reporter nudges chess player at world championship


Chess is a game that demands immense precision and accuracy. Despite the strategy involved, it is full of spontaneous decisions and an instant approach to the opponent’s movements.


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The game requires silence, concentration and reflection to make a strategic game. Anyone present should be extremely quiet and should not distract the players. However, for some it is easier said than done.


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In a recent event, a Norwegian chess journalist ended up creating a mess. Not only was he strong enough to distract the players, he also accidentally hit one of them with the elbow.

How the Norwegian chess journalist broke the silence at an event

Notably, chess is not the easiest game, as it requires strategy, intuition, and creativity. But more than that, to succeed in a match, you need to have a strong ability to recognize patterns.

A quiet environment is what chess enthusiasts need for better concentration. Recently, a Norwegian chess journalist created immense chaos at an event, nudging chess players and bumping into them.

Levy Rozman, a popular international master and commentator posted this video on Twitter.

The Norwegian chess journalist nudged a player in the head and better questions are expected ?!” he subtitle the video.

Carefree and over-excited, the reporter even nudged a player in the head. Apologizing to her, he continued to record and also dropped his earpiece.

Fans react

A photographer present at the same event was also the victim of the reckless reporter. He mentioned how the reporter met almost anyone, including himself.

He’s terrible, I’m a photographer there and he pushes everyone (including me). He’s also way too noisy,The photographer tweeted.

Another netizen tweeted to ask if the reporter was intoxicated. Notably, the photographer denied the allegations, saying it was simply his reckless behavior.


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Wouldn’t go that far, but he’s too careless for an IMO chess event,“the photographer wrote.


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While his enthusiasm is understandable, everyone at an event is obligated to follow the rules and regulations in place. What are your thoughts on this?


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