Vizag’s daughter Alana Meenakshi reaches second in the world

Chess is a game of patience and concentration. In terms of competition, progress cannot be made overnight. However, this ten-year-old girl from Vizag is making rapid progress in the world of chess. Once again making our pride, Alana Meenakshi placed second in the world in the under 10 category (girls) in the latest ranking published by the International Chess Federation.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Meenakshi’s mother, Dr Aparna, said: “I am delighted to share this brilliant news with all of you. My daughter – Alana Meenakshi, ranked in the World Top 2, in her chess ranking, category Under 10 (girls).

Earlier this year, the young chess player from Vizag won the 2021 All India Chess Federation National Online Championship in the Girls U-10 category. In the tournament, Meenakshi played 11 rounds of chess, of which she won 10 and drew in the final round. Leading in points, she won the gold medal.

In a previous conversation with Yo! Vizag, Meenakshi’s mother spoke about her idols and her goals for the future.

Regarding the contributors to the success of the chess prodigy, Dr Aparna said: “His chess idols are Hungarian Judit Polgar and Soviet player Mikhail Tal. Polgar’s journey, in particular, inspired Meenakshi as she dominated men’s chess tournaments. Meenakshi does not believe that his success is hers alone. There have been many supporting elements in his journey to accomplish so much in the chess arena. From her personal trainer to her playing partners, she has a lot to thank for her accomplishments. “

Speaking of Meenakshi’s future ambitions, she added, “She has been playing on board her entire life. His goal is to hone his skills and improve his international rating by participating in tournaments. Her goal is to become a great chess master and, along the way, encourage more girls to play chess.

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