Ubisoft to launch its own automatic chess game

Ubisoft has announced the latest candidate for the Auto Chess Throne. It’s based on the long-running Might & Magic series, and they call it Might & Magic: Chess Royale. Yeah. On the upside, it will be free and it will be out in two weeks. It will launch on PC, Android and iOS. Some players have already got their hands on the Early Access version, which means you can already see the game in action, which is exactly what we did.

Ubisoft to launch its own automatic chess game

Aaaaand that’s pretty much Dota Underlords with a new skin. The UI has been remixed a bit, some things work differently, but if you’ve played Underlords you’ll feel right at home here. The skin they apply to it is pretty bland, like anything M&M has to do with since it fell into Ubisoft’s hands, but that’s a matter of taste. You might like how the Hydra looks like a gang of undernourished earthworms. Why would someone take a vibrant and colorful universe like Might & Magic’s and then decide on the best possible key art because this is the Orlando Bloom poster for the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s absolutely beyond me .

But all is not so gloomy. For example, they claim that matches will be around 10 minutes long. It’s pretty amazing if you can’t take forty-five minutes of your day to focus on something that can’t be interrupted. In fact, this feature alone made me declare the best auto chess game even before it was released. I don’t need to hear anymore – if it’s time-efficient, then I totally agree.

Here’s a video of a guy playing the game in early access, if the words “pretty much Dota Underlords” weren’t a good enough description for you.

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