Thomas Brodie-Sangster Became A Better Chess Player Thanks To The Queen’s Gambit – Film News |


Thomas Brodie-Sangster became a better chess player after starring in the hit Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit.

The actor plays the role of Benny Watts in the miniseries, which has increased the popularity of chess exponentially. In an interview with about his role on the show, Thomas admitted that learning the game for his part meant learning to play properly in real life.

“I did it (became a better player)! And I even learned a few openings, which are completely gone now,” Thomas recalls.

“But at the moment, yeah, we were playing with great players and we were very invested in this world. And I was excited about it, I loved it!” continued the 30-something.

“I saw it like, you know, it’s a beautiful game that’s been played for hundreds and hundreds of years, and it’s infinitely complicated,” he explained.

“The knowledge you need to understand and the memory of every game played in the past, then sort of mirror that of what you need to do in front of your board,” he reflected, concluding: “And that It’s just moving pieces of wood around a plank, that’s all, but I’ve learned the beauty of it. That’s what I would say. “

The Queen’s Gambit, also starring Anya Taylor-Joy, is out now on Netflix.


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