Tesla launches a chess game for an in-vehicle arcade and releases a fun video to promote it

Tesla has stepped up its efforts to incorporate more video games into its cars, and today the automaker launched a chess game for its in-car arcade.

A new commercial video was also released to promote it.

Tesla Arcade

Tesla first introduced “Teslatari,” a 70s and 80s Atari game emulator that runs on Tesla vehicle computers last year.

They started with a few games, like Asteroids and Pole Position, but Musk said that was just the beginning of the automaker’s venture into games inside its vehicles.

They want to add more Atari games to the emulator, but Musk has also made it clear that they plan to add more games from other companies as well.

In May, the CEO said he was working on porting Unity and Unreal video game engines to Tesla vehicles.

At the time, he said he had successfully got Cuphead and a racing game running on the Tesla on-board computer and at E3 last month, Musk showed off the first footage of those games running inside a car. a model 3.

A few days later, the automaker launched “Tesla Arcade,” a new app in Tesla’s in-vehicle system to launch the games, which had previously been in the Easter egg drawer, and its new racing game.

Tesla chess set

Today, Tesla launched another game “Tesla Arcade”: a game of chess, and the company released a video to promote it:

Tesla does not use traditional advertising, but the company occasionally produces marketing videos.

Normally these videos are just for feature highlights, but this is the second video with more than one story that Tesla has released since the launch of Tesla Arcade.

For the racing game, Tesla released another similar promotional video.

The automaker confirmed that the new chess set will be rolling out to the fleet worldwide in a new software update today.

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