Riot Games Develops LoL Auto Chess Game Mode, LPL Summer Split Adds First-Person Observation Service

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The esports industry in China has not seen any notable partnerships or sponsorships over the past week. Instead, the big headlines were on the tech and game development side. A new broadcast service has been developed for League of Legends Pro League Tournament System (LPL). In addition, the strategy game genre “Auto Battler” has taken a big step forward as an esport, with the PC version of Automatic failures announced at the E3 gaming convention and game makers revealed that they are developing their own versions of the game.

Among the top stories: TJ Sports added a first-person observer service for the LPL Summer Split esports audience; game developer Riot Games is developing a new League of Legends game mode inspired by dota Automatic failures called “Teamfight Tactics; Drodo Studios and Long Mobile announced at E3 that the PC version of Automatic failures will be released soon and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store in the west; and Tencent announced the list of speakers for its Tencent Global Esports Summit, including several Chinese and Western esports leaders from Tencent Holdings, esports teams and tournament organizers.

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Riot Games is developing a mode inspired by auto chess in League of Legends, Automatic failures for PC ‘Coming soon’

Credit: Riot Games

June 10game publisher Riot Games announced that the company is currently developing a new “Auto Battler” strategy game mode for League of Legends called “Teamfight Tactics.” According to the announcement, the game was inspired by the popular Dota 2 modification – Dota Auto Chess which is developed by Chinese game developer Drodo Studios .

According to the announcement, “We’ve always loved strategy games, and recently got into the new auto-combat genre – people in the office have been playing an insane amount of Dota Auto Chess specifically.”

The trial version of Teamfight Tactics will be open to the public at the end of June. Additionally, the new mode’s ranking system will be listed in League of Legends Updates 9.14.

In the past 48 hours, the auto battler genre has been on fire thanks to three different game developers – Valve company , epic games and Riot Games. June 10Drodo Studios and Long Mobile have announced that a standalone version of Automatic failures PC will be exclusively listed on the Epic Games Store. On the same day, an early-game test video of Dota subloads leaked on the internet. Dota subloads (a name developer Valve has yet to publicly confirm) is a standalone version of Dota Auto Chess. Although he is the creator of Dota 2Valve and Drodo Studio were unable to reach an agreement that would have them collaborate on a title together, although they help each other in areas such as migrating player data between versions.

LPL Summer Split Updates First Person Observation Service


Credit: TJ Sports

June 8, T.J. Sports a joint venture between Tencent Games and Riot Games, announced that a new streaming service has been added to the Chinese streaming platform Houya and Douyu for the summer segment of the LPL. The service allows viewers to watch a match from any player’s perspective.

According to the announcement, there will only be one POV perspective for each game, and that player will be voted on by the public. Each player will have a limited pick time and cannot be picked twice within two weeks.

The service will be free to the public from June 8 to 14. After June 15, service for each audience member will cost ¥3 RMB (0.43 USD) per game. Additionally, TJ Sports has confirmed that revenue from this service will be shared with all LPL esports teams. Similar POV services have recently been introduced for Europe and North America League of Legends circuits, with one difference being that members of the public are charged per split for the service, not per game.

Other esports news


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  • June 8, Tencent announced its speaker line-up for the annual Tencent Global Esports Summit. Several Chinese and Western esports leaders in esports teams, tournament organizers and company representatives will attend this event, including Cheng “Edward” Wu, vice president of Tencent Holdings; Hou “Mars” Miao, General Manager of Tencent Esports; and Sam Mathews, founder and CEO of the UK-based esports organization fnatic . The summit will take place in the Chinese city of Hainan on June 20.
  • On June 12, the esports organization Invictus Games (IG) has shown indications that it may have signed a partnership agreement with American car brand Chevrolet. GI five League of Legends the players appeared on the Chevrolet stage at the Chongqing Auto Show wearing the brand’s logo on their team jackets alongside the IG logo. An official announcement has not been released at the time of writing.
  • June 11Sina Game has announced its own PUBG esports tournament – Weibo Esports Games League (WEGL), which will start on July 1 with a total prize pool of ¥600,000 ($86.7,000). The tournament will be hosted by Sina Games and Jingzong Culture Media in conjunction with tournament organizer Mars Media.
  • June 11Zhou “Haitao” Lingxiang, board member of esports production company Imba TV, posted on social media platform Weibo that ImbaTV will be the exclusive Chinese broadcast production company for Dota 2 The International Shanghai.

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