QB Cardinals Kyler Murray could be the best chess player in the NFL


Playing quarterback is a bit like playing chess: reading the whole field (table), knowing the abilities of each player (piece) and seeing several movements in the future. As it turns out, Kyler Murray is good at both quarterback and chess.

The Cardinals sophomore quarterback returned to chess in the fourth year, according to ESPN. It is a hobby that he still practices today, mainly through an app on his phone. Murray’s game of chess has recently gained a little more attention thanks to the streaming series “The Queen’s Gambit”, which prompted the week 10 broadcast on CBS to create a segment called “Kyler’s Gambit” where it was pictured moving on a chessboard.

It’s not just a recent hobby for Murray, however. He joined the Degan Elementary School Chess Club in Lewisville, Texas. It took place from 3 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. on Thursday in the school library, according to ESPN, and Murray quickly became one of the top players among the club’s 110 members.

“I was proud of that, of course, just because I’m proud of everything I do,” Murray told ESPN in 2019. “Most athletes probably won’t be as good at chess, so we went in, beating up the guys you’d call – I don’t call them nerds, but guys who are supposed to be smarter than us. So it was kind of funny seeing us go to the chess club and run it. “

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Murray ended his elementary school career as Degan Elementary chess champion, with his last game of chess as an elementary school student a victory in the club’s knockout tournament. Over a decade later, Murray is still playing games, most often on his phone these days in the Chess With Friends app.

He told ESPN his username wasn’t exactly in disguise, although he declined to reveal it. This means that someone could choose Chess With Friends and potentially play against Murray. He would probably win, however.

Murray almost always goes with the same move, according to ESPN: moving the pawn in front of his king two spaces. From there, it’s just a matter of looking into the future.

“I think just because of the way I was born with the feeling of seeing things before they happen, I guess,” Murray told ESPN, “which applies to a lot of things.”

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Ahead of the 2020 season, Murray continued to play chess with a physical chess board between himself and his future Hall of Fame catcher Larry Fitzgerald.

Shortly after, Murray sent out another tweet which read: “1-0 guys”. Because of course he had won. The top 10 in the MLB and NFL Draft selection would likely be good at anything he tried, and his longtime game of chess is proof of that.


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