Polish chess player falls from chair after losing in viral video


If losing a game wasn’t enough, one chess player had an awkward moment at the end to top off a disappointing day. In a dramatic finale, Polish chess player Pawel Teclaf became so enraged after losing that he fell from his chair.

Pawel Teclaf, 18, lost to Tigran Petrosian, 37, of Armenia, in the World Blitz Championship quick match in Warsaw on December 29.

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The game was well balanced, but a moment of brain discoloration saw Teclaf, playing white, make a wrong move. As soon as his opponent blocks with a winning game, he swears and dramatically throws himself back in his chair.

As if defeat weren’t enough, the chair became unbalanced and his humiliation deepened as he fell to the floor.

The comedy clip became the highlight of the tournament for many viewers, although the 18-year-old admitted he hadn’t considered the eventful end of his challenge.

“I just kinda lost my balance and fell,” Teclaf admitted to FIDE, having been offered a helping hand by his Armenian opponent as he collapsed.

“He tried to help me up and give me a hand, but I had fallen. I was very angry but when I watch the video it was funny. In the morning, I was in the elevator and someone was staring at their phone and then me. She was smiling a little, ”he said.

“Then when I got to my room I opened WhatsApp and saw a lot of links. Then I realized I was getting popular. Normally I wouldn’t behave like this but it was right – it was not intended but I just folded up in the chair and fell. I stood up and shook his hand; I did not disperse the pieces, “he added.

His Armenian opponent offered his hand to help the Pole after his accident.

Pawel Teclaf was fine and saw the fun side of the incident, which has since gone viral.
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However, Teclaf was more frustrated with his performance than the hilarious moment.

“I usually swing in my chair because I like it, and it was the first time I fell,” he explained.

“Then I got up quickly. Everything was fine, it was just the right moment. I won, totally, the whole game. First, I sacrificed a part – objectively, it was not good, I think, but it does not really matter “, he said.

Teclaf said he also played well in the previous game, but at some point he ruined everything.

We don’t know if he learned his lesson after the loss, but we can be sure he will be more careful with the chair next time around.

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