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Stefanik focused on the milk, not the dying children

Of course, MP Elise Stefanik is against gun control; her husband works for the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
Well, I guess money and whole milk are more important to her.
The children of this country won’t need milk if they’re all dead, will they? Nineteen children from Uvalde will never have milk or anything else again.
Rita Smith

Scotia can’t afford fire station debt

Nobody likes being told they can’t afford something. We are all proud people.
But the truth about the proposed fire station project is that Scotia Village ratepayers can’t afford $13 million in debt.
1. This debt will have a significant impact on the sale value of your home. That’s $500 that a new buyer can’t use to pay principal and interest, reducing the amount they can borrow. We have the highest tax rate in the Capital District.
2. Nova Scotian politicians have no inclination to control spending in any of the larger departments. Despite a constant increase in the number of employees, overtime increases every year. I believe more staff will be hired to fill all the new empty space.
3. Scotia now provides paramedic coverage in Duanesburg and when this happens we send a rescue vehicle and two staff out of Scotia.
4. Poor village finances force politicians to “steal Peter to pay Paul” and necessary projects for streets, parks and water and sewer lines are therefore postponed because there is no silver.
5. Look at your last three years of Scotia tax bills and see the increases well above inflation that will only continue.
There are other alternatives to consider but no politician has offered serious discussions focused on mergers, consolidations or structural changes.
This project will not save a life. This will not improve the quality of life in the village.
Armon Benny

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