“If we play chess at home, we would want to win this” – Padraig Doherty

Padraig Doherty explained how much resilience was needed as Carndonagh beat Inishowen neighbors Urris to book a place in the Junior Championship semi-finals.

An impressive appearance from fitness Conor O’Donnell and a goal from Ryan Kelly gave Carndonagh the little pocket of respite they needed.

Carndonagh’s 1-10 to 1-8 victory offered something of a rare knockout success for Foden’s men.

“This is our first knockout win for so long,” Doherty told Donegal Live.

“I don’t remember that we won a knockout game since our last win as a junior (2008).

“It was important for us to win at home too. If we play chess at home, we would like to win that.

“We showed a good dose of resilience. It kind of characterized our league performances at home this year.

“We continue until the end. It will be important no matter how far we go this year. No one remembers much beyond who wins a game.

It was all square, 0-5 each, at halftime. He had been suspicious and remained so in the third quarter. O’Donnell’s arrival added new gearing to the Carndonagh engine. In the end, it was her introduction that tipped the scales in Carn’s favor.

Doherty said: “Conor gives us that little extra spark. It brings a little more confidence to anyone.

“It’s no different for any club, in any standard, when a county player comes back it’s a case of, ‘Okay, we have to do it now too’. The standards are fixed again.

“A player who has played at this level is a clear asset to any club, even at intermediate or senior league levels.”

Urris certainly didn’t wither, though.

When Dean Kelly scored for Urris he threw a gauntlet at Carndonagh but the home side responded with O’Donnell tacking on a point with the next attack, restoring a lead they held until the end.

Doherty said: “We had to keep our form. The last two times we played here against the wind, we started at 100 miles per hour. Urris wanted to destroy it and they did.

“They scored their goal and the following scoreline was so important. We went up the pitch and got a point. It broke their momentum after they got back into the game.


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