Gill’s player thinks he’s a checkmate to reach the top 8 in the Capcom Pro Tour qualifiers but it’s actually Abigail who plays chess here


At least he did it at the end anyway

The Capcom Pro Tour is back this week with the Central American FGC showcasing what they’ve prepared for Street Fighter 5 Season 5, and it’s been an entertaining race so far.

One of the best moments of the first day of the big tournament to see who qualifies for the Capcom Cup surprisingly came from an Abigail player making an absolutely huge puzzle game to flex on his opponent.

The top 16 from RG | Chontekaz and LKL | Héctor to see who landed a place in the top 8 went back and forth to the point where the players reached a final game, a final round scenario, and that was a crazy race.

Héctor and his Gill managed to reduce Chontekaz’s Abigail to a health shard, so the grappler player interrupted the EX run to apparently try to reduce the distance with his armor.

Gill’s principal thought he just landed his ticket to the final day by reacting to the move with Critical Art, except he ended up blowing up for it.

While Abigail’s V-Skill parry / counter cannot normally pass through Supers, he actually can while specifically performing an EX run, so instead of a return to harmony, Gill was knocked out of her AC and ate a combo that took off about half her health because it’s Abigail.

Now in a tight spot, Chontekaz managed to catch Héctor apparently trying to evade potential takeover to close the set and earn a comfortable place in the top 8 on the winning side.

This EX parry tech certainly isn’t new to SF5 – as I’m sure Xykes will tell you in the comments – but it’s really fun to see these situational interactions pop up in prime time, especially on a bait. hard / read.

We still have the potential for a rematch, as Héctor came back to take one of the last 8 spots.

You can find the complete set of Chontekaz and Héctor in the Top 16 feed archives, and the top 8 action is expected to resume today at 3:00 p.m. PDT.


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