Esports giant TSM signs Hikaru Nakamura, its first professional chess player

Esports organization TSM has signed its first professional chess player, American grandmaster and five-time champion Hikaru Nakamura. The youngest American to ever achieve that coveted rank at age 15, Nakamura is considered one of the best players in the world, consistently ranking alongside world champion Magnus Carlsen as one of the greatest grandmasters in the world. live failures.

Nakamura, now 32, also maintains a successful social media presence, with over 170,000 Twitter followers and a Twitch channel where he broadcasts live playing chess and explaining various strategies to his viewers. At the time of the announcement, Nakamura’s channel had over 500,000 subscribers and it was broadcasting live to over 18,000 people. Nakamura has been a leader in helping establish chess on Twitch, coaching well-known pros and helping run tournaments since one of his main sponsors,, partnered with the platform. in 2017.

So it makes sense that TSM – one of the largest esports organizations with dedicated teams covering Fortnite, League of Legends, and valiant, among other titles – would like to add someone like Nakamura to their list.

Chess isn’t something you play with a keyboard and mouse on a screen, but it’s one of the oldest competitive games on the planet. It also has a strong global community that plays the game online on every platform imaginable and a Professional Ranking Organization (FIDE) that has helped run well-established tournaments for decades. Electronic sports and chess seem like a smart game.

Following the announcement of Nakamura’s membership in TSM, esports organization Cloud9 timidly urged Nakamura’s rival Carlsen to consider getting involved in the industry as well.

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