Did Hans Niemann really use anal beads to cheat during a game of chess with Magnus Carlsen after claim went viral on Twitter and Reddit

At the World Championship last week, we saw World Champion Magnus Carlsen lose to Grandmaster Hans Niemann in a stunning upset with people claiming he cheated using anal beads.

Since then, accusations of cheating begin to spread through the air.

There are several rumors around social media to satisfy the cheating theory, as many suggest that Niemann may have used a sex toy to receive a coded message that would lead him to victory.

Did you know Hans Niemann actually used anal beads to cheat during a game of chess with Magnus Carlsen after the claim went viral on Twitter and Reddit

Did Hans Niemann cheat: the proof! IM Ken Regan of Chess

Megathread: Hans Niemann Chess Allegations

While it doesn’t matter that the rumors on Reddit are clearly a joke, the theory is too compelling to ignore.

Although a week after his unlikely win, Niemann pledged to play nude matches if that’s what people needed to see to convince themselves he wasn’t cheating.

This latest drama from the world of chess seems to have taken over the internet, but many are wondering what it is all about. So let’s discuss.

Last week, 19-year-old Niemann managed to knock out the five-time world champion in the $500,000 Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Missouri.

The duo had never played against each other before, Niemann was clearly the weaker and less experienced player, he also played black.

The duo faced off 3 days after the tournament started on September 5. During the match, Carlsen made an early mistake which led to Niemann forcing Carlsen into a tough final.

According to a report from Grandchesstour, a counter with his bishop on turn 13 proved to be a particularly devastating response. Things kept going downhill for Carlsen and he ended up losing.

Fans of the twitch grandmaster star are flaming cheating allegations though a streamer Hikaru aka “GMHikaru” Nakamura is one of the biggest names who started these threads while mostly focusing on a past instance of Niemann cheating on Chess.com

It’s something the 19-year-old admitted. But he refrained from saying that anything nefarious ever happened “on the board”.

Niemann didn’t play down the accusations, and the drama was great fuel on Twitch and YouTube.

He was fired during his tournament exit interview on September 6, criticizing Nakamura and denying that anything nefarious had happened.

At the time, he said, “I have never cheated in an overboard game. If they want me to undress completely, I will.

He later took to his Twitter and wrote, “Hikaru is playing the victim but seems to forget to dedicate hours of his feed to criticizing all my interviews with frivolous innuendos.”

After the tweet, the next day he wrote again: “Maybe he deserves some blame and should take responsibility for what he said. At least he has 42% more subs now.

Although there is still no evidence of Niemann cheating, an announcement was made on September 8 that Niemann could be removed from Chess.com.

According to reports, there is no evidence of the use of anal beads in Carlsen’s stunning defeat.

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