Checkmate to normalizers – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

Lebanese chess champion Nadia Fawaz has withdrawn from the 4th round of the 28th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival to avoid competing with an Israeli competitor.

The 28th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival is attended by players from 36 countries, including Lebanon, competing on the basis of player classification.

Fawaz played the first 3 matches with Brunei player Wafa Yacoub and beat her. She also beat Saudi Arabia’s Ziad Saleh Abdali and Emirati Wafia Darwish al-Maamari.

However, Lebanon’s run in the competition ended with Fawaz withdrawing as her 4th round would have pitted her against the Israeli player.

Lebanese Chess Federation head Khaled Bdeih stressed in an interview with Al-Manar TV that Fawaz’s move comes within the context of the federation’s laws, hailing his courage in taking such a step.

His refusal to play against the Zionist rival came as a statement of refusal to normalize ties with the Israeli enemy, a position still taken by Lebanese players and athletes in international competitions.

Just last week, Lebanese player Charbel Abou Daher withdrew from the 2022 Youth MMA World Championships, also held in Abu Dhabi, to avoid playing against an Israeli opponent for the same reason.

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