Checkmate in the old fashioned game

Have you ever wanted to get ready? Soon you’ll be able to do an ultra-HD scan of yourself and your real-world assets and move it all into the metaverse.
Gamezland will soon bring to market 3D scanning and modeling technology that generates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual objects for use in games, VPs, social media and online fashion. The technology also enables the creation of NFTs from real-world artwork and collectibles.
We are merging this powerful technology (3D scanning) with a marketplace and a new deflationary token-based ecosystem to give users, producers, artists and entrepreneurs direct access to the virtual opportunities of the future.
Gamezland is an NFT-based game mechanism to win. This mechanic gives players true ownership over the loot of their in-game achievements, encouraging exploration, completions, building optimization, and frequent play.

Players can create, control and monetize their gaming experiences in the virtual environment by entering the world known as Gamezland.
In Gamezland, games will be blockchain-based, and its ecosystem of in-game assets and properties will include NFTs, virtual lands, and more. These lands will be available for purchase by players, who can also use them to harvest resources and create NFTs. for trade. Without the use of intermediaries, all these tokenized assets are processed and exchanged on the blockchain in a transparent and secure manner.
Gamezland will have a variety of game types, including PvE and MMO. The game universe will expand in the future with the addition of new game types, events, quests, campaigns and contests.
It now has the qualities of a social network and business platform with a robust community that spans the virtual and physical worlds thanks to the rapid growth of the digital economy and the Play-to-Earn blockchain revolution. .
The barriers between people’s online and offline lives will continue to blur thanks to our continued efforts to change the way gamers relate their gaming experiences to their real-life experiences.

Better gaming experience
Improving the player’s immersive experience has always been a goal of game advancement. Gamezland’s metaverse helps change the player’s experience, which is the most crucial element. The Metaverse will make gaming more immersive and allow players to bring more of their real-life experiences into the game, which will drive engagement. It extends real life in games. The qualities of rewards or game purchases are more usable in the Metaverse in addition to the immersive experience. Rewards can be used to purchase items in the metaverse, redeemed for necessities, or even converted to cash.
Go beyond collectibles and art
Gamezland is a platform that will offer NFT items for users to purchase and own. Unlike traditional games, where in-game items have no real value, Gamezland items can be freely traded on any external market. Players who excel in Friendly Competitions using their NFT items receive $GAME Credits and Tokens in addition to NFT Assets. The beauty of NFT assets is that regardless of the circumstances, the player always retains ownership of the NFT assets and tokens, which are never monopolized by anyone. Players invest a lot of time and money to get their favorite NFT assets.

The Gamezland decentralized platform will allow players and creators to own part of our gaming metaverse (LAND), participate in governance and economy (GAME), while creating and enjoying a simple way to enjoy of their playtime. In the years to come, our experienced and dedicated team will create a unique way to play in a virtual world where you can play, create, collect, earn, rule and own anything in the game.
These guidelines can help us achieve industry safety parity and ensure gaming environments are safe and fun for everyone, everywhere. But this is only the beginning. Game companies, gamers and advertisers all have their part to play.
It’s time to ask yourself how can you help take responsible gaming to the next level?
The answer to all of this is GAMEZLAND.

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Las Vegas, Nevada 89104, USA

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Gamezland is a decentralized gaming metaverse where players can acquire tokens through a variety of competitive games or simply by quietly participating in the game’s various features.
Our goal is to provide a deeply immersive metaverse where users can cooperatively and independently develop virtual worlds and games. By giving creators actual ownership of their works in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding their involvement with our utility token, we want to disrupt established game developers.

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