Checkmate for the local chess champion

Khodani Nwedo, a pupil of King’s School West Rand (TKSWR), is part of the U/14 Gauteng Chess team that emerged victorious at the recent South African Chess Championships in Bloemfontein.

The Grade 8 student and his team of gold medalists have been invited by the Premier of Gauteng, the Honorable David Makhura, to attend the 2022 State of the Province Address on Monday, February 21.

“I feel honored and excited to be part of this prestigious event. My passion for chess started in 2nd year here at King’s School West Rand.

“Competitiveness is what pushes me to always do better; I was very surprised but touched to be invited to attend the 2022 State of the Province address.

“It’s a huge privilege for me, and I want to encourage all the other players to be consistent in training and to always work hard – the results will come later,” Khodani said.

Khodani has attended TKSWR since Grade RR in 2013 and plans to enroll in the school in 2026.

Khodani Nwedo. Photo: provided.

While delivering the tenth state of the province address as sixth Premier of Gauteng Province, Makhura made mention of the U/14 Gauteng Chess team. “We would also like to congratulate the Gauteng U/14 girls and boys chess team who are also with us in the Chamber.

“They won gold in the South African Chess Championship in a game considered one of the most cerebrally demanding.

“We wish them well in their future endeavours, and remain confident that they will continue to represent our nation on the international stage,” Makhura said.

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