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Antenna system to replace aging infrastructure used to measure the geometric shape and orientation of the Earth in space

OTTAWA, ON /ACCESSWIRE/August 23, 2022/ Calian® Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY, Financial), a diversified products and services company providing innovative cutting-edge technologies in communications, learning, cybersecurity and healthcare, is pleased to announce that the Goddard Space Flight Center in NASA again contracted Calian to supply a third high performance antenna for NASA’s Very Long Baseline system. Interferometry (VLBI) Global Observing System (VGOS).

This high performance 12m Calian antenna will be used to support NASA’s Space Geodesy Project which works to maintain our worldwide geodetic infrastructure of multiple arrays and individual ground stations, including NASA’s VGOS antenna array. VLBI is one of the spatial geodetic techniques used in geodesy, the science that accurately measures and understands the geometric shape, orientation in space, and gravity field of the Earth, and changes in these properties over time. over time.

NASA’s VGOS program demands the highest quality precision VLBI antennas. Calian prides itself on its continued technical advancements in antennas to meet the rigorous requirements of NASA. Calian’s ultra-durable antenna design minimizes distortion from heat, wind and gravity loading, delivering exceptional performance in all frequency bands. They also provide industry leading tracking, pointing accuracy and reference point stability. These characteristics form Calian’s standard basis for all antenna lines supporting the space, commercial and defense industries.

“We are very pleased with our continued relationship with NASA,” said Mohamed Saad, president of InterTronic, a Calian company. “The InterTronic and NASA-VLBI teams have collaborated to develop an innovative capability that has been vital to the VGOS network for nearly a decade now.”

Data from the VLBI antennas will be used by NASA to determine antenna locations on Earth, celestial positions in the sky, and Earth’s orientation in space. Antenna arrays can reveal critical information not only about space, but also about our Earth. VLBI antennas can be used to measure the Earth’s orientation in space, from which geoscientists then study phenomena such as our atmosphere, ocean tides and currents, and the Earth’s elastic response.

“The team has never backed down from a challenge and our tenacity is a key element to our success,” said Patrick Thera, President of Advanced Technologies, Calian. “InterTronic’s world-class engineering and production capabilities used to meet NASA’s rigorous requirements will serve us well in our other markets, including our cost-effective commercial antenna solutions.”

Calian Acquisition of InterTronic

Calian acquired InterTronic, a leading provider of high-performance antenna solutions, in 2021. State-of-the-art, high-precision antenna solutions include high-precision, high-speed motion systems used by military, scientific and commercial customers. Applications for InterTronic, a Calian company, include radio astronomy, radar, electronic warfare, deep space and satellite communication solutions.

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