A friendly agreement between a chess player and Netflix

I’m glad this file has found a solution, said the player’s lawyer, Alexander Rufus Isaac. Netflix declined to comment immediately. The two parties have been engaged in a mediation procedure since March.

Result of this arrangement: the platform officially waived its right to appeal a decision by a federal judge in Los Angeles, who ruled that Ms. Gabrindashvili’s action was founded, even if the series was intended to be a work of fiction.

The transaction amount was not sent. The Georgian-born hero has demanded $5 million (C$6.6 million) in compensation from Netflix.

Defense cites US Constitution

Nona Gaprindashvili accused the show of defaming her by including a mention of the Georgian player that she wouldn’t. did not face the men In competition, unlike the fictional heroine CheckersAmerican Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy).

Anya Taylor-Joy as the heroine of “The Lady’s Game”.

Picture: Netflix

However, in 1968, the year in which the series takes place, the Soviet chess legend had already faced a dozen men, argued the person concerned.

This allegation is against Ms Gabrindashvili It is blatantly false, in addition to being blatantly sexist and despicable.The Georgian said in the subpoena filed in federal court in Los Angeles in September 2021.

The platform had initially estimated this procedure without unfoundedarguing that it is a work of fiction protected by the United States Constitution and its First Amendment, which guarantee freedom of expression.

This argument used by the defense was invalidated by judge Virginia Phillips, before the parties finally agreed on an amicable solution.

Nonna Gabrindashvili in 1978 became the first woman to master the game of chess in history.

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