A chess player threatens his opponent; Chess court: “Outside our jurisdiction”


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The Icelandic Chess Federation court reprimanded a chess player for unsportsmanlike behavior during the Brim tournament series earlier this summer. He had been kicked out of the tournament for accusing his opponent of cheating, but he will not be banned from future events, despite threats against his opponent in Elliðaárdalur after the tournament, Vísir reports.

According to the report, the unsportsmanlike chess player arrived four to five minutes late in the sixth round of the tournament, which took place in Taflfélag Reykjavíkur on June 20. He approached the table where his opponent was waiting, offered no greeting and pulled the table towards him. The opponent has pulled it out, only for the other player to pull it back towards them.

They agreed it couldn’t last long, stopped the stopwatch and enlisted the help of a chess referee, who concluded that the chessboard was two to three centimeters closer to the arrived chess player. on time. The referee moved the panel between the players and reset the clock to zero.

According to the court’s ruling on the adjudicator’s experience, “He noticed that the accused stood beside the accuser and looked at him threateningly. They exchanged passionate and not really polite words and disturbed the other competitors. The accused then grabbed his bag and left the scene.

Despite the fact that another chess player left the competition, the clock kept ticking. About ten minutes later, the angry player returned, disrupting the tournament by loudly accusing his opponent of cheating.

“He has requested that the clock be reset and that the game continue, otherwise he will no longer play chess.” He also said that the chessboard was not centered. The referee believes that after measuring there was a deviation of about five millimeters, which the referee corrected, ”the court said.

The angry player then accused his opponent of cheating by moving the table in his absence. The situation did not improve when told that his request to reset the clock would not be satisfied. He left the room again and did not return.

The referee considers that he displayed unsportsmanlike behavior: “By accusing his opponent of cheating, showing disrespect towards his opponent, the other competitors and the tournament organizers by shouting in the chess room and denigrating his opponent. ” Due to all these factors, the referee decided to expel the man from the competition. The opponent was named the winner by default.

The story doesn’t end there, however. While the court found it necessary to reprimand the chess player for his conduct in the chess room, they did not ban him from future events as his opponent had requested. However, the court did not rule on what happened between the players after they left the hall.

“It seems it was a coincidence that they met again that evening in Elliðaárdalur,” the court ruling said. The other chess player said he crossed the bridge where Elliðaárdalur’s main entrance is located, and immediately to the right, from a dark, wooded path, he saw his tournament competitor approaching.

They exchanged words and the player who was sent off warmed up, eventually threatening his opponent. Three witnesses corroborated this claim, but the court still decided not to ban the angry player from future tournaments due to the fact that the exchange took place more than an hour after the chess tournament. “It is the opinion of the court that …[this] is not sufficient for the conduct to fall under the jurisdiction of the chess court.

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