Best consumer loan for family needs

Consumer credit is a short-term loan designed to cover a specific purchase or service.

The purpose of consumer credit is diverse – from purchasing home appliances and home repairs to a fine leisure trip.

Just like a quick loan, a consumer loan is granted without a pledge.

Just like a quick loan, a consumer loan is granted without a pledge.


But the credit is provided taking into account the amount and stability of the monthly income of the applicant. Consumer credit is intended for persons with a stable income for a period of at least six months. The amount of regular income will dictate the amount of interest and loan.

So, important criteria for getting consumer credit:

So, important criteria for getting a consumer credit:

  • Regular income;
  • Positive credit history;
  • Consumer credit bank customer;

In Latvia, banks offer consumer loans ranging from 100 to 8500 lats. With a repayment term of 3 to 60 months. Bank consumer loan offers an opportunity to borrow from 200 to 7000 lats at an annual interest rate of 25%. Bank offers a return period of 6 to 60 months and up to 120 months for existing Bank customers

Companies offer a favorable consumer loan without a pledge, which allows you to settle the loan throughout Latvia – at a credit department or at a partner. Lenders offers consumer credit for a variety of goods and services to businesses and individuals. The purpose of applying for a loan can be very different – from home appliances, travel to purchasing medical equipment.

Terms and Conditions for Consumer Credit:

  • Consumer credit can be obtained by any resident of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Age of borrower: 18 to 70 years *.
  • Loan amount: from 50 LVL to 3000 LVL.
  • Consumer loan term: up to 3 years.

* up to 70 years at maturity

* From 18 years the maximum loan amount is 500 Ls

To apply for consumer credit, you must complete the application on the lender’s website.

To apply for a consumer credit, you must complete the application on the lenders website.

If you are granted a loan, you need to go to the credit department to sign a loan agreement and get a loan.

lenders and its partners offer interest-free loan promotions – consumer credit free of interest up to a year! A good prerequisite for getting a step closer to your goal!

Persons with regular incomes also need to assess the need for and repayment before taking out a loan. But why not take the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and dreams right now?

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